We offer trustworthy, up-to-date
digitalization service.


We provide our customers software
development service.


We deal with
resale of scanners.

We help our customers to keep up with constantly changing digital age. In order to do so, we digitalize their existing materials and, when needed, we also develop appropriate software solution to assure their further growth and development.


We digitalize various types of materials:


Bound Documents – We digitalize any type of bound documents from historic books to magazines. Our technology enables digitalization of bound documents when they are in their original format and shape.


Large Format Items – With large format items, such as maps and drawings, we use unique technological solutions. We are aware of the special handling requirements for this type of materials and therefore are able to digitalize them without damage or smudge.


Loose Materials – When choosing technological digitizing solutions for files like contracts and forms, we consider the complexity and individual needs of the project. We also evaluate the condition of the materials and client wishes. Based on that, we develop a technological solution, what is tailored to meet all previously set goals and needs.


Microforms – Digitalization service will enable you to protect a microform being lost or damaged and provide its access to large audiences. We will assure that during the process every roll, frame and image is fully captured and the outcome will be with the best possible quality.


Audio and Video – We digitalize audio and video files without any quality loss (lossless and up to 4k resolution). Digital conversion service is provided from various types of formats: VHS, Beta, 8mm, Hi-8, standard definition, HD video formats, etc.


Slides and Nitrate Negatives – Acetate, nitrate, or glass plate based content have unique handling needs, as it is extremely important to preserve items historic value. Thanks to our wide experience, we our job accurately and carefully, providing our customer with best, long-lasting digital slide and negative preserving solution.


Additional Services – We offer many post-scan services such as: inserting archival and metadata, cropping, despeckle and deskewing, etc. We provide data in many different formats such as: XML Conversion, TEI, METS/ALTO, NDNP standards, JP2, TIFF, Compressed PDF-As (with or without OCR), etc.


We simplify accessibility of documents, photos, audiovisual materials, etc. while also minimizing investments made in keeping physical archives. During a project we involve the field professionals who invest years of experience and know-how into their work. While working, we take under consideration the material features, overall project scope, how it’s utilized and where will it eventually reside.



Software Development

Thanks to our software development service, we offer our customers all in solution: starting from analysis, engineering solution, project management, software solution, digitalizing materials and finishing with quality control and publicizing materials in portals, archives, etc.

Within software development, we specialize in following areas:


Scanning solutions – documents, microfilms, audio and video, slide and negative related scanning software solutions;


Various photo editing solutions – software solutions related to editing and saving photo to different formats;


Inserting metadata;


Text recognition solutions – OCR, ICR;


Software solutions related to managing digitalization related work processes;


Developments of digital archive;


Software developments related to publishing digitalized materials.




Our partners:

Prasad Corporation Private Limited offers next-generation film scanners in their product lineup, such as DFT Polar HQ, OXSCAN 14K, and Scanity. Established in 1954, Prasad Corp is a pioneer in film and video post-production, providing comprehensive solutions for digitizing and restoring film and tape material. For more detailed information about the products offered by Prasad Corp, please visit the company’s website:

Image Access offers various large-format scanners in their product range, including scanners in A2, A1, and A0 formats, as well as book scanners. For more detailed information about the scanners provided by Image Access, please visit the company’s website:

Kodak Alaris offers award-winning document scanners, software, and professional services designed to simplify data capture workflows and enhance business performance. For more detailed information about the scanners and software provided by Kodak Alaris, please visit the company’s website:

Filmworkz DVW Limited offers world-class image processing tools that operate to the highest standards. For more detailed information about the image processing tools provided by Filmworkz, please visit the company’s website:

About Us

Through digitalization we raise the value of our customers informational assets!

By now, all paper documents will be history and information has moved into the digital world. Confirmation of this can be found from today’s society, where most consumers have fully adapted with the digital environment, technology is developing rapidly and its importance in our everyday lives is constantly growing. There is a clear need to take existing and historical information into digital format.

On our home market, Republic of Estonia, we possess wide know-how in digitalization industry and within the development of related information systems. Our digitalization service enables to make materials easily accessible, quickly create electronic registers and preserve important information for future generations.

Our Team

As perfectionists, our goal is to make the world a better place through creating electronic, easily accessible data!

Ratus Llc. was created by experts with wide experience in information technology and digitalization industry. Our team consist of young and enthusiastic people who love technology and working with it. We are driven by the wish to make everyday life better – trough creating and implementing changes for our customers and their enterprises, at same time constantly evolving and developing by ourselves.

While working with a project, our team guarantees total dedication in every detail. It will be assured that client is involved in every decision and their opinion is always heard. We promise to always give our best and never get bored of our job!

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Trough digitalization we take our customers materials into new format and their company into the new era.

Thank you for visiting Ratus OÜ homepage. For more information about our team or services don’t hesitate to ask! Also, all suggestions and observations are more than welcome!


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